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What does men justin bieber neck tattoo?

justin bieber neck tattoo

 justin bieber neck tattoo

28 year old pop star justin bieber neck tattoo started inking on his 16th birthday. He hasn’t stopped. He has more than 60 designs to his name that cover his arms and most of his legs.

“If [tattoos] weren’t painful for everyone, we would all have them.” Maybe not everyone! He posted a photo of his body art on Instagram, showing it off in 2018. “I love art, and my body has become a canvas.

It’s so much fun!” justin bieber neck tattoo ink is often associated with spiritual or familial meanings. However, the “Halo” singer has some designs that are similar to Hailey Baldwin’s along with simple, fun tats. Find out more about his ttattoo below.

What does men justin bieber neck tattoo?

justin bieber neck tattoo has his mother’s birth year of 1975 inked on his left collarbone. In 2013, he also has Stratford Cullitons cross his shoulder blades, to honor his grandfather, who used take him to watch the ice hockey team.


Justin Bieber’s tiny cross tattoo on his face is barely visible. Instagram

Small cross close to eye tattoo

Face tats were Bieber’s specialty. JonBoy, a tattoo artist, revealed to E! that he had tattooed a small cross at Justin’s corner. News for 2016. It was his faith in Jesus Christ and his journey to find purpose in God.

Large cross tattoo

The large cross that Bieber has inscribed on his chest is one of his most distinctive tattoos. He explained to Vogue, “The cross in my chest symbolizes my faith and is a reminder that Jesus suffered for all that was broken.”


Justin and his father both have the Hebrew name Jesus, “Yeshua” on their ribs.

Two angels defeating evil

Bieber asked Bang Bang, a celebrity tattoo artist to ink an angel battle scene across his stomach. It features a large cathedral and skeletons.

“We added two angels to each side. Artist Bang Bang said that below each one they are dominating the evil. His handiwork. “Whenever I create an epic piece, there must be both the positive and the negative. It is important to have balance, and visually there should be contrast. There is a demon below each angel that must be overcome. The serpent and the skeleton are on one side.

The artist continued, “It’s symbolic for Gothic art and struggle between light and darkness, the good or the evil, yin/yang.” I wanted to ensure that we had contrast in imagery and subject matter.

A tattoo that described his spirituality made me the most sense. His spirit animals, angels, and guardians are the animals he has. It was important to me that it be meaningful and not just scattered.”

Psalm: 119.105

Bieber added Psalm119:105 to his back in 2013. It says: “Your word, my lamp and light, is your word.”

Jesus Christ

The pop star added a picture of Jesus Christ to his right leg in 2012.

Justin Bieber displays the Jesus Christ tattoo on his back. It is located above two praying hands.

Prayer hands

A pair of rose-colored praying hands are placed around his left ankle.

“Chi” symbol

The “Chi” symbol is found in Bieber’s arm sleeve. It represents Christ. GQ also heard from Bieber that the symbol “X” could have a deeper and more mysterious meaning. “X” means unknown. They may know me, or the artist, but they don’t necessarily know me.

Angel wings

Bieber’s neck has angel wings.

“Son Of God”

This phrase  tattooed under Bieber’s ribs in 2016 to show his devotion.


He got the tattoo of the album’s name inked above his belly button in 2015 to confirm its existence.


Bieber got the title of his album tattooed on his arm to commemorate its release in 2012.


An owl was one of his recurring motifs during his “Believe” era. He also had it tattooed in 2012. GQ he explained that it symbolises wisdom.


Justin added a small crown symbol to his chest in 2012 as a tribute Michael Jackson.

Treble Clif

This musical symbol is located behind his left ear and on his neck.


This design by Bieber reflects old-school music.

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