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What Happened to Ashley Judd?

What Happened to Ashley Judd

What Happened to Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, a Hollywood actress, has worked in the business for many decades. Her roles include movies such as Double Jeopardy, Heat, Bug, De-Lovely, among others.

She is also a famous humanitarian who works behind the scenes to tackle urgent global challenges. But her acting career has been taking a backseat for some time now.

After a traumatizing accident, she was saved

Ashley Judd was rescued from a traumatic accident that left her with serious injuries. She was left in pain and had to wait for rescuers five hours.

She was hiking through the forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo in February 2021 when her left leg almost fell off during a fall. Nerve damage was also suffered by her after she broke her leg in 4 places.

Later, she shared photos on Instagram for her followers to share her progress. She shared that her leg was healing well and is showing great improvement.

But she emphasized that she is still recovering from the trauma of her accident. She shared the stories of those who supported her on this journey.

Her journey to the hospital was difficult and she explained how she almost died. But she was able to overcome her fear and pain because she was meditating during this ordeal.

She was a widower

Ashley Judd lost her mother country music icon Naomi Judd in April to suicide. The singer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in her Tennessee home.

In a recent podcast with grief expert David Kessler, the actor opened up about her struggles dealing with the trauma of losing her mom.

Her world is ‘upside down’ now that she has experienced the loss of her mom.

She revealed that her mother, who makes up one half of the country-music duo the Judds with sister Wynonna, had a long struggle with mental illness, which led to her death.

The Tennessean reports that Ashley and Larry Judds filed an application in Tennessee earlier this month to have the recordings and police reports from the investigation into Naomi’s death sealed.

According to the family, the public release of records would cause Naomi irreparable damage.

During the podcast, she said she still struggles with the trauma of her mother’s death and a recent concert did a ‘number on’ her.

She also shared that she remains ‘incredibly angry’ and that her anger comes from not being able to help her mother before she died.

She tried running for the U.S. Senate

Judd, who grew up in Kentucky but now lives in Tennessee, had been considered a potential candidate for the 2014 Senate race to challenge Kentucky’s long-serving Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

She was viewed as a celebrity who could raise gobs of money for the campaign and bring national attention to an otherwise largely local contest.

But her outspoken liberal politics and strong views against certain coal-mining practices would likely prove problematic in this highly Democratic state.

Some Democrats fear she would turn the election into a referendum on McConnell, the Louisville GOP senator who has led the Senate since 2008 and is one of its most powerful partisan figures.

Some of Kentucky’s most prominent Democrats are under pressure due to the looming Senate race.

Although she has yet to make a decision, sources say Grimes is seriously considering running for the seat.

She was accused of sexual harassment

While she had a troubled childhood, ashley judd has become a well-known actress in Hollywood. Her movies include “Good Will Hunting” and several other awards.

Her life was changed dramatically in 1990 when Harvey Weinstein accused her of sexual harassment. Because of the allegations, she was denied a job in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

She tells her story about her childhood and the abuse she suffered. She also details how she came to terms with her traumatic past and became an activist for women’s rights around the world.

In 2018, she filed a suit against Weinstein alleging that Weinstein had sexually harassed and attempted to undermine her career.

But last September, a federal judge ruled that California’s sexual harassment law didn’t apply to her case because she was not an employee and didn’t have a professional relationship with Weinstein.

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