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What Happened To Deion Sanders?

What Happened to Deion Sanders

What Happened to Deion Sanders

After developing three blood clots in his femur, Deion Sanders needed to have two of the ends of both his toes removed.

The clots started at his calf and ran the entire length of his leg, cutting off blood flow to his foot.

It was an arduous ordeal, but Jackson State coach Sanders battled through it. The 54-year-old’s story is detailed in a Barstool Sports documentary called “Coach Prime.”

What Happened to Deion Sanders?

Deion Sanders, a former NFL player who is now the head coach of Jackson State, knows the hardships that come with playing the game.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer recently revealed that he had to have two toes on his left foot amputated after battling life-threatening blood clots during the 2021 season.

The news was revealed on an episode of the Barstool Sports and SMAC Entertainment docuseries Coach Prime that aired Tuesday night.

The series follows ‘Neon Deion’ as he navigates the challenges of being a coach at an historically black college football program.

After he underwent toe surgery last September, Sanders noticed that his big left and second toes started turning black.

He was eventually diagnosed with compartment syndrome, which is a condition where blood clots travel the length of his legs and cause bleeding.

What Happened to Deion Sanders’ Toes?

Deion Sanders was the Jackson State head coach. He suffered from blood clots that stopped blood flow to his two toes. This happened during Tigers’ 11-2-season.

Sanders was forced to use crutches and a golf cart during the fall. He also used a push scooter during games to maneuver up and down the sideline.

As he was healing, his toes began to turn dark under the bandages. It became obvious that there were three blood clots within his leg.

He also had compartment syndrome, which means the muscle pressure in his leg reached levels that can limit the flow of blood and oxygen.

After undergoing several surgeries, Sanders had his left foot’s big toe and second toe amputated.

This procedure was described in an episode of Sanders’ Barstool Sports documentary series “Coach Prime.”

Deion Sanders’ Leg: What happened?

Former NFL cornerback Deion Sanders was afflicted by three blood clots which cut off his legs’ blood flow. To avoid losing his whole leg, he had his left leg “filled open” and then drained in the fall.

Sanders explained in a teaser video for the Barstool Sports webseries Coach Prime that the procedure was required to remove clots from his leg. He missed three games while he was hospitalized.

He also revealed that his mother had a family history of blood clots and that she passed away from one in her early 50s.

Sanders made a remarkable comeback, leading Jackson State to the first Southwestern Athletic Conference title since 2008. He has transformed the program since taking over in 2021.

Deion Sanders’ health has been affected.

Deion sanders, or “Coach Prime” as his fans call him, is known for his determination and strength.

He has been credited with turning Jackson State University around, winning two SWAC titles and recruiting some of the country’s best players.

Sanders has had to deal with some difficult times. He even had to endure an injury which meant he missed three games.

According to the AP, his foot was inflamed and dislocated. He had surgery in September and was able to return on crutches.

He also roamed the sidelines on a push scooter. As he was healing, however, his feet began to turn darker beneath the bandages.

As a result of the surgery, Sanders had to lose his big toe and the second toe on his left foot. This happened as a result of blood clots that had formed in his leg.

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