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What Happened To DMX’s Dog Boomer?


What Happened To DMX's Dog Boomer

Earl Simmons was the birthplace of DMX. He is one of rap’s most famous artists. His gruff and mean sound made him a major force within the genre, reflecting his Yonkers upbringing.

DMX had a unique bond with dogs. Boomer, his pit bull pet, was an important part of his life.

He was hit by a car

DMX was forced to go through some difficult times as a child, living in the homes of children and running into trouble with the police.

He overcame his difficulties and discovered inner strength in music. In his candid lyrics he details his struggles and triumphs.

He even developed a strong bond with dogs and later got the name of one of his former pets, Boomer tattooed on his back.

DMX also suffered some animal abuse in the past, including 12 starving dogs who were taken from his Cave Creek, Arizona home in August.

A lawyer for the rapper accused a hired caregiver of neglecting the animals. Deputies executed a search warrant and found three dogs dead, as well as the starving animals.

However, no arrests were made. DMX’s lawyer said that he had not visited Arizona in two months. He also said that the caretaker was on tour and should have been aware of the animals’ conditions.

He was hit by a truck

One of the first things we learned about rapper DMX was that he loved dogs. According to Steve Doocy, the rapper revealed that he owned Boomer his pet dog.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered that DMX owned a large number of pit bulls, and even pit bull mix dogs.

He was charged with drug possession and dog fighting on Friday morning.

Five of the puppies were also taken by the sheriff’s department. What’s the best thing? The best part? They’ll be taken care of by female inmates. The best thing about a dog is it makes you happy.

He was killed

DMX was an artist who always had an affinity with dogs. He rapped about them often and was a fan of dog-themed music.

As a child, he used to play with the stray dog strays. He learned to befriend them and he even got a tattoo dedicated to one of his dogs that read ‘ONE LOVE BOOMER’, but boomer sadly died when it was hit by a car (R.I.P).

He was also known as a serial armed criminal robber. He used to rob Yonkers people and then he joined forces with his dog.

DMX was also in trouble with the law, and had his house raided by sheriff’s officials. He had 12 pit bulls in his home.

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