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What is an In-the-Canal Hearing Aid Style?

Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid

Individuals who suffer from hearing loss find they have a variety of hearing aid styles to select from. Before making a decision regarding which to buy, they need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. In addition, the severity of the person’s hearing loss plays a role in which style is best for their needs. The size and shape of the air could influence the choice along with the preferences of the wearer. 

Many people opt for the in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid style. However, before making this choice, they need to understand what they are purchasing. Hearing aids come with a high price tag, so the wearer must ensure they get a device they will use daily to improve their hearing. 

What is an In-the-Canal Hearing Aid?

The in-the-canal hearing aid is a device contained within a tiny case. This case fits partially in the ear canal, and the style is among the smallest hearing aids offered today. This style comes with cosmetic and listening advantages. Nevertheless, some people find it difficult to handle and adjust these devices because of their small size. A person must understand what to expect when purchasing this type of hearing aid. 

The Benefits of ITC Hearing Aids

ITC hearing aids come with longer battery life than their completely-in-canal siblings and only a small portion of the device will be visible in the outer ear. People find these devices to be comfortable and easy to use. In addition, they come with features not seen in other styles. 

People find these devices to be of great help in noisy places. The wearer can adjust the volume to meet their needs in different situations, allowing them to hear clearly. In addition, inserting and removing the device is easy. Older individuals find they can control the features without difficulty. These devices work well for individuals who suffer from mild-to-moderate hearing loss. 

The technician takes an impression of the ear canal and surrounding area, so the device is made to fit the individual. In addition, these devices come in different colors, making it easier to hide them in the ear. Most people won’t know the person is using a hearing aid unless they look directly into the ear. 

The Drawbacks of ITC Hearing Aids

ITC hearing aids are not appropriate for children. Men and women suffering from extreme hearing loss will find they need to research other options, as well. Due to their small size, these devices aren’t as powerful as some of their siblings, and people may find them hard to adjust. In addition, certain people cannot remove or insert them. The small size makes this challenging for them, even with the clear nylon string designed to make these tasks easier. 

Due to the increased surface area of these devices, the aids may work loose when the wearer speaks or chews. Individuals with a straight and inclined ear canal tend to have problems with this. In addition, the large surface area means the wearer will experience more feedback

Any person in need of hearing aids should consider ITC devices. They come with numerous benefits, and most people won’t know they are being used. In addition, users may choose from a range of options, including wireless devices and telecoil options. Speak with the technician to learn about all available options to ensure the right device is found for the user’s needs. For many, this will be an in-the-canal hearing aid.