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What will Dent be worth in 2030?


What will Dent be worth in 2030?: The coin is a native one of the same-name company aiming to transform globally what we know today as mobile data provision. Officially, they strive to be an international exchange for mobile data. The thing is mobile data can be subjected to different operations like selling, purchasing, and so on – just like stocks or cryptos are. 

The mission behind the venture is to lessen the role and importance of service providers by building an open, public, accessible network where mobile data is in use just like any other commodity. The token is a means for payments within the network. 

What will Dent be worth in 2030?

Dent Coin

Besides, data pricing should become more honest and ‘fair’ and the purchase process – more efficient thanks to automated bidding. Today, spot markets and mobile ads work by this principle. As previously mentioned, the team keeps the idea of diminishing the monopoly of the service providers, which is absolutely achievable through blockchain technology.

Now, if you’re interested in the project and in trading the token, let’s have a look at the Dent price prediction 2025.

Why might the project be successful?

It might be a success because it provides a great solution. First of all, it is more user-friendly and way more affordable. It makes the Web super accessible due to many projects involved simultaneously.

Users of mobile services just pay telecom providers with the coins. What’s more, the project suggests building a data-sharing network where entrants perform different operations hassle-free. 

What were the price dynamics before?

The price has the tendency to increase in trading volume and market cap even over 24 hours. The best possible increase, for now, was 40.03%. Over the recent 7-day period, the price was getting up and even grew by 188.33%. In fact, the token demonstrated not just ‘surviving’ potential but a strong one, which might be an excellent opportunity for investors

Yet, if comparing the present-day value in the context of a 30-day period, you can see a 72.788% increase. The minimum worth per month was $0.002, and the maximum one was $0.002. Think of it as a convenient asset and potential great addition to your portfolio in the long run. 

Over the last three months, the worth changed by 11.49% and went from $0.007 to $0.009. If we consider a 4-month period, the value decreased by 46.88%, with the highest price being $0.011 and the lowest one – $0.009.

If you’re not ready to expand your portfolio with yet another solid project, consider the Ripple one and learn the XRP price prediction 2025 – its native token. 

As for the Dent predictions, we’ll outline the ones from the most reputable price prediction services. Thus, in late December 2021, the worth might get $0.0031075, if considering its present-day price. The highest value might be $0.0038844, and the least – $0.0026414.

By December 2024, the worth might make up all $0.0036599, herewith, the least possible one is $0.0031109 and the biggest one – $0.0045749. 

Another prediction states that Dent will hit $0.00378 by late 2021, and in five years it has all the chances to cost $0.0122. 

Other experts predict that the token will make up $0.0031354509 by 2021 and $0.0043040631 by 2023. In four years from now, the price might remain $0.006011418. As for 2028, Dent might go up to $0.0092619939.

The venture and its native currency have all the chances to skyrocket in worth. As seen from the price dynamics, that’s what is happening with significant ups time after time. Some analysts think the price will get a $0.34 price point in 2030.

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