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Who is Indigo Children?


Indigo Children might be a nonconformist headstrong who is constantly questioning everything.

This New Age theory states that these kids possess indigo-colored auras and have extraordinary psychic abilities. The indigo children can look through society’s beliefs and make changes, which can challenge their social systems.

Indigo Children: These are highly sensitive

Indigo children are a new generation of people blessed with supernatural abilities. These children are more intuitive and empathetic than previous generations.

They’re also incredibly creative and often misunderstood by the status quo. Their tendency to feel influenced quickly by the energy of others can cause anxiety and depression.

According to New Age beliefs, these kids have indigo-colored “auras” that are said to possess extraordinary spiritual or metaphysical abilities. Indigo, a color of violet or dark blue often associated with calm and relaxing properties, can be described as calming.

Psychic and synesthesia Nancy Ann Toppe first coined the term “indigo child” in the 1970s, and Lee Carroll and Jan Tober further developed it. It gained mainstream popularity in the 2000s with the book The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by psychic Doreen Virtue.

These are highly intuitive

Indigo children are highly intuitive, which is why they can see through lies and deception. This gift makes them ideal truth-tellers, as they can’t help but expose the phony facades of society.

They’re also very empathetic, meaning they feel more deeply than others. This makes them feel more vulnerable in situations with potential conflict.

In some ways, they’re rebellious because they want to be independent and free of authority. While they are not afraid of standing up for what they believe in, they have strong feelings about helping others and showing compassion.

While they can be sensitive and withdrawn, they’re often very creative. They are not famous or wealthy, but their artistic endeavors provide them with great satisfaction and help improve the world. Crystals, animals, and the Earth can be beautiful to them.

Spirituality is a passion for them.

Indigo children are interested in spirituality because they believe it can help them find meaning and purpose. Some may think that spirituality could lead to a greater understanding and connection with God.

These people are also creative, enjoy writing and painting, and love music. These people are driven to improve the world and often look at problems differently.

While these characteristics are positive, they can also cause issues if they don’t find their purpose. They’re also susceptible to depression when their vision of changing the world isn’t fulfilled.

The idea of these children as the next stage in human evolution is fascinating. However, it’s important to note that nothing has been scientifically proven.

Paranormal subjects are of interest to them.

Indigo children are interested in paranormal topics, such as ghosts and other spirit creatures. They’re also fascinated by spiritual telepathy, which can allow them to connect with other worlds.

Many books, conferences, and other publications have been written about indigo kids. Many believe they are the next step in human evolution or possess supernatural powers. Others think they have stronger spiritual connections than their peers.

Nancy Ann Tappe, a parapsychologist and entrepreneur in the 1970s, developed the concept of indigo kids. Jan Tober and Lee Carroll helped bring the idea to the general public.

This website states that indigo children possess a unique aura and are distinguished by their particular traits and abilities. They’re also highly creative and can help to change the world positively. These people are innovators and inventors that push the boundaries of society.

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