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Who is Olly Murs’ Twin Brother Ben – Know All About Him


Olly Murs twin brother Ben: Olly is 33 years old, has opened out about his estranged twin brother, Ben, and how being put on lockdown has helped him focus on his career. The Troublemaker singer claimed that he no longer had a method to reach his brother after their fallout.

In this article we have discussed about Olly Murs and his twin Ben, what happened to them, why did they split up? Their fans are curious to know and they are trending on social platform. Follow more updates on chopnews

Who is Olly Murs’ twin brother Ben?

ollly murs twin brother ben


Olly, 33, and Ben famously feuded in 2009 after Olly was unable to attend his twin brother’s wedding owing to X Factor responsibilities.

His parents and older sister, Fay, also had a falling out with his brother.

Ben, Olly’s brother, married his bride and changed his last name to Hart to distance himself from his family.

“I was quite close to my parents,” Ben explained, “but fame and greed changed everything.”

Ben Hart is married to Amy Hart, with whom he has at least two children.

What has Olly said about the ensuing squabble?

Olly will break down in tears over his brother and their fallout on Saturday’s episode of The Voice (January 10, 2020).

When he told Sir Tom Jones about his twin, the singer became upset.

“We had a major fight,” he stated. I’m afraid the next time I see him will be when we lose someone close to us, and I don’t want that to be the case. I don’t know where he lives.”

Olly previously said on ITV’s Lorraine in December 2018 that Christmas without his twin has never been the same.

“It’s difficult, it’s sad, and it’s always been a touchy subject for me because it’s not just me and him, there are a lot of other people involved, [including] my parents,” Olly told The Mirror in 2018.

He continued by saying that he hoped to meet his brother again “one day.”

What did Ben have to say about the fallout?

“I was quite close to my parents but fame and greed altered everything,” Ben stated in a 2017 interview.

He went on to say that his parents relished the celebrity that came with Olly’s X Factor win, whilst he was uninterested in the expensive parties and prominent faces.

“I can’t believe what my mother did when she brought up my childhood. When I first read that, it made me so angry “Added he.

“Why has my mother, who is supposed to defend me, uttered harsh and untrue things?”

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