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Who is the Founder of Blue Moon beer?


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Molson Coors’ first ever super bowl advertisement has been released, leaving fans in awe. This ad has gained global attention and popularity, with users of social media expressing their admiration for it.

Let us find out what is in this ad and why it has gained so much attention online in this article – so read it carefully!

Sources indicate this ad features Blue Moon beer and has certainly surprised fans to see it featured. Two people praise their beers before engaging in an animated fight over which one is superior – making for some funny moments along the way.

After the argument is over, a woman says “Actually it’s a blue moon commercial!” and suddenly the video ends.

This advertisement clearly proves why Blue Moon stands above other drinks; garnering much attention online due to its catchy message.

Brewmaster Keith Villa founded Blue Moon Beer and the Molson Coors Beverage Company is its parent company. MillerCoors acquired this beer back in 1995 at Sandlot Brewery in Denver, CO; since then it has gained global acclaim.

Nowadays the beer is brewed at RiNo Brewery in Denver while corporate headquarters are located either in Golden, Colorado (US) or Chicago, Illinois (Canada) respectively.

Social media has the unique power to make someone famous or unpopular in the eyes of its users, and this ad certainly gained attention from those shocked to see beer featured.

This company also sells other products such as malt, beverages, energy drinks and spirits along with wines. This advertisement was launched on Coors Light’s Youtube channel which boasts 25.5k subscribers. Stay connected for more articles covering daily world news updates!

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