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Who is Vashon Hakeem Jones? And Why was he Arrested


Who is Vashone Hakeem Jones, and why was he arrested as an ex-deputy? The ex-deputy of Vashon Hakeem Jones has been arrested for trespassing on Demaryius Thomas’ house.

Because he is a request for trespassing on Demaryius Thomas House, the ex-deputy is in the spotlight. The police are looking into the issue.

According to the storey, he was caught trespassing on Demaryius Thomas’s property during a party. Only other trespassers were suspected of him.

When authorities searched the entire property, they discovered numerous items from the residence of a late NFL (National Football League) player, including sports memorabilia, a gun, and other items.

Items such as an ESPY award, an autographed Tom Brady jersey, an oxygen chamber, shoes, and cash were stolen from the residence while the player’s family was present.

Who is Vashon Hakeem Jones?

Vashone Hakeem Jones

Vashon Hakeem Jones used to serve as a police officer in Georgia, but he had to leave after being found guilty of card fraud and theft. He was also charged with breaking into Demaryius Thomas’ residence recently.

However, because he was well-known, he had a large following. This is not the first time he has been accused of wrongdoing, but he has since become a well-known figure with his Wikipedia article.

Vashon Hakeem Jones Arrested

When the former football player’s family sensed something was wrong in the house, they alerted the cops, who came on March 13, 2022 to the NFL player’s home.

When the cops came, they discovered an Uber driver parked outside delivering a lunch.

Police discovered some unwanted items in the property after conducting a thorough investigation.

In the pool area, police discovered a firearm, a gun magazine, and marijuana, as well as two persons sleeping in the house’s master bedroom.

One of the people found in the bedroom was Vashon, while the other person was a lady, according to police.

Vashon Hakeem Jones was located inside the house of Demaryius, according to the Roswell police investigation.

The former player’s mother provided the police with the information.

When she saw the photographs of his son’s residence and noticed that there was an unknown person inside, she called the cops. As a result, she contacted the police, and the situation was resolved.

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