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Who Won AGT? America’s Got Talent 2023 Winner Results Revealed


Here we know more about Who Won AGT? The 2023 Winner of American Grand Tour Has Been Announced. After February 27th’s finale event, we are proud to share the results thanks to Superfan votes. After eight weeks of thrilling competition that saw the return of 60 Got Talent greats, we finally have a winner of America’s Got Talent:

All-Stars. During February 27’s finale it was announced that aerialist Aidan Bryant had been voted by Superfans as their winner. Saxophonist Avery Dixon, Season 17 Golden Buzzer winner, took second place.

On his first Audition of the season, Bryant made it known that he would return for Season 16 to redeem himself. Unfortunately, he came in second place behind magician Dustin Tavella who returned for All-Stars as well.

“When I heard about All-Stars, I knew I had to take the chance and prove myself to America,” he said. “Being pitted against Dustin again adds even more pressure; I know I cannot afford another loss. So with that in mind, I’ve been working tirelessly to come back stronger and better than ever.”

At the 2021 finale of his show, executive producer Simon Cowell expressed that when Aidan saw who the winner would be in Season 16, his face “broke my heart. But I also remember going up to you after and saying ‘This is not the end.’ You are one of our most talented Contestants ever.”

Cowell was right; Bryant’s daring All-Stars Audition earned him the support of Superfans and propelled him through to the Top 11. In his finale performance, Bryant nearly left Cowell speechless with an exhilarating routine that left Cowell speechless.

Who Won AGT? All Stars Final Performances with Aidan Bryant

How Aidan Bryant‘s Unusual Final Act Shocked Simon Cowell “I am literally lost for words right now,” Aidan admitted. “This feels like one of those moments I remember as a kid watching the Olympics when one gymnast would outdo another in a gymnast section and the Judges at the end would just go, ’10, 10, 10,’ That’s exactly how it felt to me.”

Howie Mandel exclaimed, “Your aerialistry displayed such stunning strength and elegance paired with contortion and dance – I have never seen anything like it in aerialism before. You truly set the bar high – or whatever that may be.” The self-taught performer also spoke to People about his return to American Idol: All-Stars.

“To be in the finals means all my hard work since 14 years old, practicing in my backyard tree, has paid off,” Bryant said. “I feel ready to win this time; when Season 16 ended and I came in second place I never imagined I’d make it this far; now is my second chance to show everyone I’ve gone from an amateur aerialist to a professional aerialist.” Congratulations!  and best wishes for a prosperous new year.

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