Home Technology Your Best Choice: Top 4 Free PDF to Word Converters in 2020 

Your Best Choice: Top 4 Free PDF to Word Converters in 2020 


If you want to convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word Documents for your school requirements or work presentations, an online conversion tool is your helping hand. This type of software offers services that can transform your PDF files in word Docx or other formats that you need.

Your Best Choice: Top 4 Free PDF to Word Converters in 2020

However, with the growing numbers of converters on the web, it can be challenging to determine which is the best. To help you decide, we have listed four of the most popular PDF to Word converters below that offer free services and high-quality converted files. Read on and choose the one for you.


One of the best online conversion tools on the web as of writing is the PDFBear. It offers an easy and straightforward process in transforming your PDF files into Microsoft Word Documents. In fact, the entire conversion process will only take a few seconds of your time. 

On top of that, this pdf to word converter is supported and brought to you by Solid-Framework that uses superior technology compared to other online conversion tools in the market. Furthermore, PDFBear has a simplified platform that makes it an ideal choice for the least tech-savvy person.  

To get started, here’s what you need to do to convert your PDF files to word documents using PDFBear for free: 

  • Choose the files you want to transform or simply Drag and Drop PDF files to PDFBear converter. 
  • Then, this online tool will take out the scanned pages or the text from your file. 
  • From there, the transformation process will start and will finish in just a few moments. 
  • Once the conversion is done, a finely formatted Microsoft Word Docx is ready and can be downloaded or modified on your device.  

WPS PDF to Word converter

Another conversion tool that can help you transform any PDF file to word with no necessary registration is the WPS PDF to Word Converter. You can operate this software on Windows or Android devices and has a five-page limit. 

When using the WPS PDF converter, you can make sure that the images, colors, tables, and non-standard fonts were preserved during the conversion process. On top of that, this online tool is for free, but you can always turn to their premium services where you can convert PDF files to word with no limit. 

Moreover, here’s what you need to do if you want to transform your PDF file to Docx using WPS PDF converter:

  • First, open or drag the PDF file from your computer to the website. 
  • Then, tap the “start” button to begin the conversion.
  • After a few moments, the conversion process is all done, giving you a newly formatted and editable Microsoft word document.  

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Are you looking for a conversion tool that has a quick conversion process? If so, Nitro PDF to Word Converter might be the one for you. This converter allows you to transform a pack of PDF files simultaneously, making the entire converting process faster than the other online tools. 

Moreover, Nitro PDF Converter offers a free trial period for two weeks, and every email address is limited to five file conversions per month. However, despite its restrictions, this software is beginner-friendly and can provide good quality converted files quickly.   

Wondershare PDFelement Converter

If you’re looking for an excellent online converter that can transform your PDF files to word documents, Wondershare PDFelement converter is one of the best choices. This software has a user-friendly interface that allows you to convert your files for free in just a few moments. 

Furthermore, the free Wondershare PDFelement Converter has only a five-page conversion limit and can be accessible in Windows and Mac platforms. However, if you want to convert your PDF files to word without limitation, you can also avail the PDFelement pro and enjoy their premium services. 


With the services offered by online converters, you can now transform your PDF files to Microsoft Word Docx in just a matter of seconds and for free. That said, the PDFBear, WPS PDF, Nitro PDF to Word Converter, and Wondershare PDFelement are just some of the online tools out there that can help you with your needs. 

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