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Zak Williams Biography in 2023

Zak Williams

Zak Williams

Zak Williams is an actor, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and media face. He is known for his appearance in several films and TV series such as Slow Your Roll: Extreme Comedy, The Graduates, and Entertainment Tonight.

He is also a mental health advocate and the CEO and co-founder of the neurotransmitter nutrition company PYM. The United for Global Mental Health is his US trustee.

Zak Williams Actor

Zak Williams, a well-known actor, model and entrepreneur, hails from California. In 2007, he made his film debut in Slow Your Roll: Extreme Comedy.

He is also an investor, a media personality, and a mental-health advocate. He focuses on reducing anxiety and stress. PYM is his mental health company.

Max Lugavere of The Genius Life Podcast, Zak opened up about his father’s Lewy dementia.

He said that his father suffered from mood swings, frustration, and anger because of the disease. He died by suicide in 2014.

In the years since his father’s death, Zak has worked to help others deal with their mental health struggles.

Glenn Close founded the nonprofit Bring Change to Mind and Inseparable, which is a mental health policy group.

He also started a supplement company, Prepare Your Mind, to reduce anxiety and stress. Lemonada Media has also joined him to create a podcast called Call for Help, which consists of four episodes.

Zak Williams is a businessman

Zak Williams is a businessman who has launched his own mental health supplements company, PYM. This company sells amino acid dietary supplements that help with anxiety and stress reduction.

Williams is also a popular investor and an advisor to various startups. Williams has made investments in Yumi, Florence Health and OpenTrack as well as Brandless Inc., Defonce and Relief Technologies Inc.

He is a US trustee for the international advocacy organization, United for Global Mental Health and board member of Bring Change 2 Mind. He also serves as an advisor for Inseparable, a national policy group.

The death of his father, Robin Williams, left a deep impact on his mental health.Zak Williams began to use amino acid dietary supplementation in an effort to lower his anxiety.

He and his wife, Olivia June, then started their own mental wellness company, Pym, which means ‘Prepare Your Mind’.

He is a singer

Zak Williams, a singer and songwriter has been singing since childhood. He has been known for his performances in several movies and TV shows.

He was born on 11 April 1983 in San Francisco, California, USA. Robin Williams is his father.

After the death of his father, Zak began to suffer from mental health issues. His depression and substance abuse were his main problems.

Eventually, he sought treatment and therapy to overcome these problems.

In 2020, he started a company called Prepare Your Mind which sells products to reduce anxiety.

Zak recently release an episode on a podcast that is dedicate to his dad, titled “What Would Have Been His 70th Birthday.”

In the podcast, he opened up about his father’s struggle with Lewy body dementia. He also revealed the toll that the disease took on his own mental health.

He is a musician

Zak Williams has received many accolades for his music. Zak Williams has tour the world and has also been feature in many popular TV shows.

Williams was born on 11 April 1983 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Zak Williams worked on several TV and film projects in his first career. He also launch a website call Hollywood & Mind that is dedicate to amplifying conversations and action on mental health.

He released a podcast on July 21 with Max Lugavere. In it, he spoke openly about the psychological challenges his father faced as well as what it meant for him.

He and Olivia June have two children, a son named McLaurin Clement Williams and a daughter named Zola June Williams. The couple were marriy 10 October 2020.

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