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​Shy and Single: Dating Apps to Meet the Challenge


Shy and Single: Dating Apps to Meet the Challenge: Shyness can complicate not only the appearance and development of love relationships but also prevent most men from living a full life. Very often it happens that shy men cannot realize and admit the fact that a loved person cannot appear in their lives without their participation. It is complete nonsense. If you are a movie lover who believes that your soulmate will find you no matter what, for example, the girl of your dream will hit you little by a car, write you first on the best dating apps, become your neighbor or come to your country to improve her language skills, then your chances are minimal in this case.

​Shy and Single: Dating Apps to Meet the Challenge

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Shyness and laziness often act together. If you want to walk with a pretty girlfriend, holding hands as well as have passionate nights together, then it’s time to deal with your complexes. You have already decided to meet girls, communicate with them and spend time together. What else do you need? Is it about confidence? Develop it in all the possible ways. You are surrounded by women every day, they are always nearby at work, in the university or on the street.

The Best Dating Apps for Shy Guys

You may doubt, but nowadays about a quarter of all relationships begin online. This statistic is higher among millennials. If our smartphones are becoming more powerful with each year, then why not use them to find a soulmate?

In recent years, there has been a boom in dating applications, and while some of them are very popular, others may be considered niche ones. One of the coolest things is that there are no restrictions here, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to find a permanent partner, or you just have an “advertising slot” between relationships.

  • Bumble

Bumble resembles notorious Tinder, but it has one key difference: only women can start a conversation with a man when their preferences have matched. The main idea of this app is to take a little bit of pressure off of women and help men who are too shy to send the first message. The creators of the application claim that its core values are “empowerment, equality, and confidence.” And there is one more trick: a girl has only 24 hours to take the first step, otherwise, she will lose this chance forever. The same happens if you don’t communicate for more than a day. It stimulates to maintain a dialogue if you are interested in a person.

  • Match

It’s believed that Match has been created only for people with serious intentions, who are looking for permanent partners and are interested in long-term relationships. This is one of the reasons why you are asked to pay $40 per month. Although, if you are ready to get a subscription for a year, it will be almost twice cheaper. As you know, people more seriously treat things for which they pay money. So, you should pay attention to this app if you are interested in searching for a life partner. There is nothing difficult with using this app, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of messages, winks, views you can receive there. Besides, if your shyness hasn’t reached a critical point, you can use this app to find events where it’s possible to communicate with people offline.

The main idea of this app is not about the modern version of dating but more about the traditional culture of matchmaking. As soon as the program selects the initial potential couples, there are real people who do everything else, including matchmaking process. This helps save your time since you don’t need to look through thousands of profiles. So, every day you will get a notification that there are, for example, five matches. However, of course, there is no guarantee that you will definitely like the provided matches.